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MCA In Touch: November 2016
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The Election is Over; Now Let’s All Go to Work!

By Dr. Charles Sawyer, MCA Professional Officer for Legislative Affairs

Just as we all knew it would, the sun did come up again the morning after what was arguably the most unusual national presidential campaign and historic election in modern times. So, with the exception of the Senate where the Republicans may eventually be in the majority (two races could trigger recounts), we know who the players will be in the Minnesota Legislature and health care policy will again be on the front burner when lawmakers return to the Capitol in Saint Paul on Tuesday, January 3.

So, let’s get to work now to introduce ourselves to new legislators, congratulating others who are returning to the House and Senate and – most importantly – informing them all about the issues that affect your practices and the patients you serve.

In this upcoming session, we can look forward to more discussion (and disagreement) about the fate of MNsure, addressing the burden of sharply rising premiums on individuals and families in the individual insurance market, and what can be done to curb the escalating cost of health care. And then there is the opioid overuse and addiction problem, which is now a national crisis.

The chiropractic profession in Minnesota can’t be blamed for any of these problems, but still too many lawmakers are uninformed about the potential solutions we do offer. So, the return of some friends from both political parties, as well as the addition of new legislators, provides opportunities to
share our concerns and to ask for their support. In fact, it’s more than an opportunity – it has to be our priority!

Your Minnesota Chiropractic Association has a clear and actionable legislative agenda, and efforts to address provider discrimination in both commercial and public health programs are on the top of the list. We will again work to reintroduce legislation seeking to expand reimbursement in Minnesota’s Medicaid program for the full scope of chiropractic services, we will continue to lobby for the repeal of the health care provider tax, and will also work to protect the rights of injured patients in Minnesota’s no-fault auto
insurance system.

The association is also a member of the Minnesota Fair Care Coalition, which is pursuing legislation aimed at correcting the discriminatory reimbursement and related insurance industry practices affecting chiropractic doctors and other provider groups.

None of this work will be easy – we know it never is – but participating in the Key Doctor Program and joining other doctors on the morning of Thursday, March 9 for MCA Day at the Capitol are two easy but important ways for you to become involved.

So watch for an announcement soon about signing up for our lobby day at the Capitol in March, and if you haven’t contacted me yet to get on the Key Doctor roster please email me at, or simply give me a call at (952) 885-5470.

This is our profession and it’s time we put some points on the scoreboard. If the Chicago Cubs could win the World Series, anything is possible!

Thank You, Key Doctors!

The Key Doctor Program is a voluntary program of doctors dedicated to developing and maintaining a strong
grass roots organization.

The Key Doctor Program focuses on the following:

  • Develop a working, professional relationship with the Senator and Representatives in his/her assigned district.
  • Educating legislators on chiropractic issues. Becoming the reliable source of chiropractic information for your legislators on legislative and regulatory issues.
  • Creating a positive image for Doctors of Chiropractic.
  • Assisting in the passage or defeat of important legislation affecting patients of chiropractic services.
  • Assisting in organizing and rallying Doctors of Chiropractic that reside and work in your assigned district to support chiropractic issues.

Thank you to the following Key Doctors!

Andrew T. Klein, DC
Anthony Hart, DC
Arron Kalis, DC
Art Volker, DC
Ben Donner, DC
Beth McVey, DC
Brian Tasky, DC
Bryan Knipfer
Carrie Getzmier, DC
Chad Paulson, DC
Chris Hanson, DC
Chris Jo, DC
Chuck Sawyer, DC
Craig Couillard, DC
Dale Dennis, DC
Dale Rohlfing, DC
Darren Roemhildt, DC
David Stude, DC
Doug Harden, DC
Dustin Carlson, DC
Dustin Johnson, DC
Elizabeth Moos, DC
Gary Miller, DC
Geeta S. Vora, DC
Greg Freitag, DC
Jacob Conway, DC
Jacob Sundberg, DC
James Barr, DC
Jerrad Bergren, DC
Jim Amundson, DC
Jim Nelson, DC
Jo Theisen, DC
Jodi Dorpinghaus, DC
John Allenburg, Jr., DC
Jonathan Williams, DC
Judy St. Clair, DC
Julie Schmidt, DC
Karen Bates, DC
Kathy Bloom-White, DC
Katy Lundell-Stuhr, DC
Keith Johnson, DC
Kent Erickson, DC
Kyle Heffernan, DC
Lew Erickson, DC
Linnea Soular, DC
Lukas Biermaier, DC
Mark Dehen, DC
Marty Carron, DC
Mary Beth Minser, DC
Mary Selly-Navarro, DC
Michael P. Smith, DC
Michele Maiers, DC
Mike Ameli, DC
Mitch Uecker, DC
Nicholas Eyvindsson, DC
Phillip Skow, DC
Rebecca Amstutz, DC
Renee DeVries, DC, PhD, DACBR
Richard Ottomeyer, DC
Richard Zarmbinski, DC
Robert Waddell, DC
Ryan Weum, DC
Sara Cuperus, DC
Scott Mooring, DC
Scott Salita, DC
Scott Stinson, DC
Sean Wahl, DC
Sripathy Umapathi, DC
Steve Biermaier, DC
Tammy Fimrite, DC
Thomas Anderson, DC
Timothy Kinsella, DC
Trevor Foshang, DC, DACBR
Trisha Augustine, DC
Wally Cole, DC


2017 Legislative Agenda

The MCA believes that patients should have access to treatments of their choice. Accordingly the MCA supports and will actively work for legislative, administrative, and other initiatives that promote the following policies:

  1. Patient and Provider Non Discrimination. Patients must be allowed access to chiropractic services in public and commercial plans, and other health care products; and payments and payment practices for chiropractic services provided within the chiropractic professional scope of practice must be the same as those similar and same services provided by other health care providers.

  2. Health Care Provider Tax. The Health Care Provider Tax should be repealed as it is a regressive tax that adds unnecessary costs to Minnesota’s health care system. Additionally, the current law that phases out the two percent “sick tax” that is charged on all health care services in the state by the end of 2019 must be supported and retained.

  3. No Fault Automobile Insurance. Minnesota’s current no fault automobile insurance system must protect the patient’s ability to choose the provider of his or her choice and to receive the necessary health care for injuries resulting from accidents covered by no fault automobile insurance while fraud, waste, and abuse in the current system must be eliminated in collaboration with all impacted stakeholders.

  4. Other Chiropractic Issues. From time to time, issues arise that impact the chiropractic profession in Minnesota. The MCA will actively monitor and work on these issues to promote chiropractic in Minnesota and access to all Minnesotans.

Dr. Oz Airs Segment on Chiropractic and Stroke: ACA Provides Resources

In response to a Nov. 16 Dr. Oz Show segment on the recent death of social media celebrity Katie May featuring ACA member Steven Shoshany, DC, ACA reminds members of resources available to facilitate discussions with patients who express concerns about neck manipulation. ACA also offers tips for dealing with local media inquiries, links to research studies demonstrating the safety of chiropractic, patient fact sheets and a variety of other resources at

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