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MCA In Touch: December 2017
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In this issue:

What’s Cooking Within the MCA?

By Dr. Craig Couillard, MCA President

Over the last six months we have communicated chiropractors around the state on a new vision and direction of the MCA. I would like to expand on this topic a bit more and share what else we’ve been doing to serve the profession.

We felt the need to create a new foundation for the association, built on a new mission and vision. Creating this new foundation will allow us to grow as a profession in the fast changing field of healthcare. We feel that there are a lot of promising opportunities for the chiropractic profession if we are branded the correct way. We must adapt and change to remain relevant to the profession now and in the years to come.

To review, these are our new mission and vision statements:

Our Mission

Through unity, strength and advocacy, the Minnesota Chiropractic Association creates a community for doctors of chiropractic in the state of Minnesota.

Our Vision

The Minnesota Chiropractic Association envisions a future of strong unity and community among doctors of chiropractic so that they may practice to the full extent of their education and training, are treated fairly in Minnesota’s healthcare system, and their value fully known to patients.

Our Why

To create a meaningful difference in the lives of each individual doctor of chiropractic and their patients in the state of Minnesota.

We also created a set of core values to further deepen the context of our vision as an association.

Our Core Values

  1. The MCA advocates to protect and advance the art, science and philosophy of chiropractic.
  2. The MCA inspires doctors to support one another to become a strong, united front. We make the most impact when we work together respectfully, joining resources, talents and time.
  3. The MCA believes in open dialogue and cooperation with other healthcare professionals in the interest of better serving our patients.
  4. The MCA encourages and empowers the next generation of doctors to lead, and develop, a strong and effective association.
  5. The MCA believes in the power of the chiropractic adjustment, and the value of all our clinical services, and that all Minnesotans deserve access to chiropractic care.

We have worked hard with the leaders of MCA to have a common mission and vision for the future. Expect our future leadership to continue executing these values. We are proud to be grooming future leaders for the profession and through legacy leadership. The profession will be in good hands for the next generation.

I want to thank Dr. Sara Cuperus for leading the team of individuals that created all the new statements.

In addition to the new direction, we’ve been busy with many other things to better serve our members. The MCA has developed on-demand webinars for continuing education credits. We currently have eight webinars, and this library will continue to grow. These are a great way to get a little extra knowledge of a specific topic while earning credits. We would like feedback from the you on content ideas and what you’d like to learn about within this format. Contact the MCA central office with topics of interest and we can work to develop it.

We are also transitioning the MCA newsletter from paper to electronic format. The electronic format will help us have a broader reach and utilize social media and video to optimize our communications with the profession. We are excited for this change and expect it to have it rolled out early in 2018.

We will continue to have strong legislative and advocacy committees working on the behalf of the profession. In the November newsletter there were several articles explaining the legislative plan for 2018. Please take a chance to review those articles and get involved in the process. We continue to have strong and productive conversations with many of the insurers in the state regarding many of the issues that the profession faces.

Mark your calendars and join us for the 2018 Legislative Day at the Capitol and the Annual Convention, March 15-17.

We also have a new Facebook page. This page is more user friendly and will help us communicate with the profession more effectively. Please visit and like our new page at

Also, join us on Twitter by following: @MembersMCA and @MCAforhealth.

The MCA Newsletter is Going Digital!

You no longer listen to music via 8-track tape. You no longer have rabbit ears on the back of your television. You no longer take a roll of film out of your camera to get developed. And starting now, you no longer need to wait for a printed copy in the mail to read the MCA newsletter.

Beginning in January, MCA is transitioning from print to a fully-electronic version of our monthly newsletter, MCA In Touch. This is not just a sign of the times, but offers a number of inherent advantages:

  • Reduced costs. An electronic newsletter eliminates the need for printing and postage, and the lack of paper use is better for the environment.
  • Greater flexibility in the amount of content we share. We are no longer restricted by a specific page count, and can share as much or as little content as is available at press time.
  • Faster delivery. It generally takes at least a week from the time we send the newsletter to the printer until you receive it in your mailbox. Digital newsletters can be in your email inbox within minutes of being completed.
  • Digital interactivity. We can include live links to related content and resources, including embedded videos, audio links, hyperlinks to other articles and photo galleries, creating a more interactive experience.
  • More ways to read. Instead of carrying a printed copy with you, you’re now free to read the newsletter on your desktop computer, on your tablet, on your smartphone or on your laptop. When you’re done reading, you save it or simply hit the delete key. Unfortunately, you’re no longer able to crumple it up and use it to start the charcoal.
  • Easier to share. No more need to clip, paste and mail a newsletter article you would like a colleague to see. You’re free to forward to friends or post a link on social media with a simple click.

We believe you’re going to like the new digital version of MCA In Touch and we look forward to your feedback. Thank you for reading.

Saving Within Your Business

by Angela Graper, DC, CACCP

Earlier this year, I read Profit First by Mike Michalowicz based off of recommendations by other chiropractic business owners. It’s so simple, yet how many doctors are saving up for their business like you would your personal life? If you’re familiar with Dave Ramsey’s envelope method, it’s a similar concept except you set up various accounts for your business. Instead of an envelope for groceries, the accounts are taxes, operating expenses, owner’s compensation and profit. Yes, an account to stick away the extra money you bring in! There’s nothing more disappointing than when you’re with your accountant going over the net profit that you get to pay taxes on, only to find you actually didn’t put that money in your pocket.

The author, Mike Michalowicz, provides the percentages that are ideal for these accounts based on the size of your business. He walks you through how to calculate an estimate based off of your prior profit and loss statements to begin so that you can set up your account percentages accordingly. The hardest part is going through all of the expenses and evaluating if there’s any room for reduction. It is also a bit time consuming to set up the extra bank accounts but you only have to do this once.

Here’s the best part: if you’re not already giving yourself a quarterly distribution as a shareholder in your company, this system will get that rolling. At the end of the quarter, half of what you’ve added in the account will stay there and the other half is distributed amongst the shareholders. If you’re the only owner, that distribution is all yours. In the case of multiple owners the amount would be divided on percentage of ownership. The important part of this is that you’ll slowly be building up a savings for your business. Once you get to an amount that you decide, you can use money in that account to purchase new equipment that they clinic may need. There are various opinions but it’s a good idea to have at least two to three months of operating expenses saved up for times of need.

There are so many great books out there on saving strategies and this is one that has been really useful for our clinic. Share your saving strategies in our Facebook page at

Bolder Options Celebrates 25 years of service in 2018

by Rohin Sachdeva, DC

In the November issue we briefly touched based on Bolder Options –who they are, what they do and who they serve– in the article titled “Not Your Traditional Non-Profit.” All youths that are a part of Bolder Options are there because they want to be. Youths are able to apply after being referred to Bolder Options and choosing to change their lives; nobody is making them take this step. After completion of the application and a match with a mentor, the fun begins! Mentor and mentee must meet once a week for at least two hours and up to four hours for one year. The Bolder Options Mentor program provides guidance and support to you and your mentee.

The program consists of four categories: Power Play, Bolder U, Bolder Ventures, and Bonus Fun. All pairs are required to complete six Power Play events, six Bolder U events and as many Bolder Ventures and Bonus Fun events as they can handle.

Power Play events consist of community running, biking events, yoga, martial arts, sledding, rock climbing, zumba and more. Bolder U events consist of nutrition activities, financial activities, cooking activities, back to school event, career night and graduation event. Bolder Ventures consists of the pair attending events through various ticket giveaways Bolder Options holds throughout the year. These events include sporting events, museums, theaters, and more. Bonus Fun opportunities include of pumpkin carvings, a holiday party, volunteer events, open houses and the drop-in center, which allows students to visit Bolder to work on homework, play games, cook, meet other pairs and more.

January begins national mentorship month. Bolder Options is always in search of mentors to pair the right mentee with. There is a shortage of mentors and kids are waiting to be paired. Mentor MVP benefits include a free YMCA membership, free tickets to sporting events, paid entry fees into mentor/mentee related race events, and discounts and gift cards to events, restaurant and shops. Bolder Options can also use help with short-term volunteers to help with smaller events they run throughout the year.

Bolder Options held a “Thanks for Giving” event on December 4th, 2017. This was an exclusive event for supporters of Bolder Options throughout the years. The event was setup as a meet and greet with other supporters over some food and drinks provided by Bolder Options. It was a huge success with about 75 people in attendance. There were a couple big takeaways from the event. First, Bolder Options, is in the running for the Super Bowl legacy fund grant. This grant would allow Bolder Optionsto better serve its youth by updating workspace at their Minneapolis location. Sean Northrup, a United States marine and former mentee at Bolder Options, enlightened us with his path to success through Bolder Options. From being a hyper-active kid bouncing off walls to learning what it means to never give up through the three mentors he had while in the program. Adam Thielen of the Minnesota Vikings made an appearance– as he’s been a huge supporter of Bolder Options over the past few years.

We encourage you to learn more about Bolder Options and consider becoming a mentor. With your help and support, Bolder Options can grow exponentially over the next few years, building on the 10,000 youths they have already mentored.

For more information, visit or email

2018 MCA Convention Registration Open Now!

The Minnesota Chiropractic Association’s 2018 Annual Convention is taking place March 15-17 at the Minneapolis Marriott North West. The convention delivers an intimate networking environment and a top-notch program filled with leading experts. .

Featured Topics

  • Professional Boundaries
  • Scoliosis
  • Kids Neurology & Nutrition
  • Post-Auto Whiplash
  • Acupuncture
  • Returning Injured to Workplace
  • Strapping Options for the Acute Low Back Patient
  • No-Fault/Croft Guidelines
  • CPR Certification
  • Hormone Balance in Cardiovascular, Diabetes, and Chronic Disease Support
  • Chronic Inflammation
  • X-Ray
  • Better Documentation with Speech Recognition


We’re excited to offer a new option for convention attendance. We’ve scheduled our sessions into four modules, each running for about a half day. Each module includes a number of sessions and offers four to six CE credits. Modules are priced at $105 each (or $95 if you register before February 15), and can be a great option if you aren’t able to attend the full convention but still want to earn a few CEs, network with colleagues, and visit our exhibitors. Choose as many modules as you like, or register for the full convention to get all 20 CE credits and attend the awards banquet Friday night!

Early bird pricing is available through February 15, 2018.
Secure your spot today for the premier event for Chiropractors in Minnesota!
Register Now at

Day at the Capitol

Join us at the State Capitol from 8:00–1:00 on Thursday, March 15, 2018, to meet with lawmakers about the critical issues that affect you and your patients, including:

  • The importance of the chiropractic profession in Minnesota’s healthcare workforce
  • Support for legislation expanding access for Medical Assistance and MinnesotaCare patients to the full scope of your clinical service
  • Protecting the rights of injured patients in Minnesota’s no-fault automobile insurance system

Your voice at the Capitol is important — in fact, it’s vital for the success of your legislative agenda!

Please contact MCA’s Professional Officer, Dr. Chuck Sawyer, via email ( or by phone at 612.719.1079 for more information.

MCA Continuing Education Credit Retrieval

We’re getting close to the end of the year, and we all know what that means: annual license renewal CEs are due!

Whether you’re a member or not, the MCA has developed an online profile for you. In this profile you will find your continuing education transcripts for all courses you have taken through the MCA. If you do not know your log-in, please contact the MCA office and we assist you in retrieving this information.

If you have any questions regarding credits not found in your profile, please contact Jessica Truhler at

Please note: The MCA only keeps track of CEs taken through the association. If you have taken any CEs from an outside organization, please request your credit certificates directly from that organization.

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