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MCA In Touch: June 2017
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In this issue:

From the President

By Dr. Craig Couillard

One of the first tasks of my presidency is to facilitate a strategic planning session. Much of the planning meeting will be based on the book “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek. “Start with Why” helps organizations redefine their purpose. We will be discussing how to inspire our leaders and members to take greater control of our association, our personal life and our chiropractic life.

We will be viewing our current mission statement and updating the language to accurately describe “What our association is about,” “Why we exist,” and “How we will move our association to greater heights.”

Over the past several months there were two surveys that went to members and non-members. The questions were simple: “Why are you a member?” and “Why are you not a member?” The results were then compiled into various categories.

The following are the responses from the members on why they continued their memberships.

  • Support the profession
  • Advocacy/legislative
  • Creating unity within the profession
  • Professional responsibility
  • List serve/information
  • Continuing education
  • Social
  • Advice
  • Public perception
  • Contribute to the profession

Next are the responses that the non-members made regarding the reason that they are not members.

  • Cost of membership
  • Ineffective legislation
  • Third-party endorsements
  • Not meeting personal individual needs
  • Not fighting hard enough for fair and/or equal reimbursements
  • Unaware of benefits
  • Too much legislation/lack of public education
  • Lack of any willing provider
  • Change in association management
  • Promotes non-evidence information on social media
  • Too much focus on insurance reimbursement

Our leadership will be addressing the profession through communications regarding the results of these surveys. The goals of these communications are to educate and clarify particular statements that have been made. We believe that this will create more unity and trust within our profession.

We are excited to create a clearer vision and continue to fight for the chiropractic profession. We thank you for your continued membership and welcome other chiropractors to join our mission to create a better path for chiropractic in the state of Minnesota.

Dr. Craig Couillard
MCA President

Minnesota Chiropractors Named to World Games Sports Medicine Team

Trio of Twin Cities doctors traveling to Poland to assist more than 4,500 elite athletes

Three Minnesota chiropractors will be headed to Eastern Europe next month, serving on the sports chiropractic team for the World Games, which will be held July 20-30 in Wroclaw, Poland.
Doctors Craig Couillard, Scott Mooring and Timothy Stark – all prominent members of the Minnesota Chiropractic Association (MCA) – have all been selected to the exclusive sports medicine team for the World Games, an Olympic-style sporting event featuring 4,500 athletes representing more than 100 countries and competing in 30 different sports.

Held every four years since they began in 1981, the World Games are an international competition designed to showcase non-Olympic sports such as roller hockey, kickboxing, wakeboarding, bowling, sumo wrestling, lacrosse, racquetball and trampoline gymnastics.

Federation Internationale de Chiropratique du Sport (FICS) has selected 30 chiropractors from across the world for this special event. Also known as the International Federation of Sports Chiropractic, FICS is comprised of national chiropractic sports councils worldwide and individual members, and has affiliations with international organizations within the chiropractic profession and the world of sports.

“This is a tremendous honor, to travel across the ocean for this outstanding event, and to work with some of the finest athletes in the world, representing the chiropractic profession in Minnesota,” said Dr. Couillard.

Dr. Mooring added, “It is exciting that the three of us from Minnesota are among a very select group of chiropractors heading to Poland to provide on-site care for these elite men and women before and after their competitions.”

As a veteran of international competitions, Dr. Stark said that “Being a part of the World Games is an important step in the advancement of sports chiropractic across the globe.”

Dr. Couillard is the MCA president and founder of Lake Marion Chiropractic in Lakeville, Minn. He is also the official chiropractor for the St. Paul Saints and Hamline University Athletic Department.

Dr. Mooring is the MCA treasurer and the owner of Back in Balance Chiropractic in West St. Paul, Minn. Dr. Mooring is also a team chiropractor in the University of Minnesota Athletic Medicine Department working with Gopher wrestling, hockey, football, and track and field.

Dr. Stark is the Director of the Human Performance Center for Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, Minn. He has also joined FICS for many international competitions including the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio.

Meet the Sports Council

With the weather warming up and people getting outdoors, the sports council is gearing up for a busy summer. The spring and summer months bring plenty of charity events, races and community events that the sports council participates in. Our role as a group varies from strategic partnership/sponsorship, sideline EMT work to on-event care for participants. So, if you are interested in sports and love to be outdoors, this is the group for you!

The sports council is a close-knit community of sports-minded chiropractors working together to raise awareness of the very beneficial role that chiropractic care can play in the lives of an athletic population. Whether it is a professional athlete or “weekend warrior,” chiropractic can potentially improve anything from performance and flexibility to decreasing aches, pains and stiffness associated with being active! Our group aims to be both a resource for aspiring sports chiropractors and a network for current chiropractors dealing with the unique challenges that face this community. Members can join monthly meetings, events and continuing education to gain experience, make lifelong connections and HAVE FUN!

This year our focus is creating a professional brand that puts our “best foot forward” and reaching out to members and potential members to increase awareness of our group. We hope to inspire people to support our vision and consider joining both the MCA and the sports council. We are on the path to becoming what we aim to achieve and we hope you will come and check us out!

Meetings are the second Thursday of every month at 7:30 AM, contact for more information.


The MCA sports council is a group of forward-thinking, healthcare professionals focused on evidence-based learning and engaging in opportunities for hands-on experience in fitness & sports medicine settings.


We seek to provide a platform for our members to further their knowledge in the prevention, diagnosis & management of musculoskeletal conditions to the benefit of their patients and the communities in which they serve.

What benefits we offer you
  • Networking with like-minded chiropractors
  • Networking with other medical professionals
  • Entry point to working with athletes
  • Ability to gain experience in a supported role
  • Experience with a variety of injuries in different environments
  • Experience with concussion screening and pre-participation physicals
Events we’ve covered
  • Red Ribbon Ride
  • MS 150 Bike Ride
  • Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk
  • Red White and Boom Race
  • Ragnar Relay
  • USA Handball national tournament
  • USA Broomball
  • Judo competitions
  • USA racquetball tournament
  • Team Ortho Races
  • Pre-participation Physicals
  • Concussion Screenings

Legislative Update

By Dr. Chuck Sawyer, MCA Professional Officer for Legislative Affairs

So what happened during the 2017 Minnesota Legislative Session? Well, the short story is that despite a lot of hard work by Mr. Kevin Goodno and his colleagues on the MCA lobby team, there was no help for the chiropractic profession and the patients we serve. On the other hand, there was also no harm to us either.

It was largely a budget-setting year complete with the kind of partisan disagreement over budget and funding priorities that generally comes about due to divided government. And, against the backdrop of a fresh and looming congressional debate about the Affordable Care Act, not much health care reform legislation emerged in Minnesota.

There is a more extensive bill summary in the Member Central section of the MCA website (see Legislative Info) and, from our standpoint, the session was more notable for what failed to pass as opposed to health care legislation that actually landed on the govenor’s desk.

The MCA-backed bill that sought to expand reimbursement for chiropractic services in Minnesota’s Medical Assistance program (SF 1425 Hoffman; Limmer; Nelson; Schoen / HF 1357 Gruenhagen; Ecklund; Kiel) made some headway in the House but, due to concerns over its cost and the desire of House Republicans to reduce Health and Human Services (HHS) spending, the bill was not included in the final HHS Omnibus Budget bill. This legislation was the cornerstone of the MCA’s non-discrimination priorities in 2017 and it will be important going forward.

The House version of the HHS Omnibus Budget bill did contain a provision that would have reduced rembursement for services provided by physicians, podiatrists, chiropractors and other healthcare practitioners, but the final legislation passed into law did not include that rate reduction.

As the United States Congress moves forward with health care legislation, federal funding for the Medicaid program across the country will continue to be a focal point for the national debate. In Minnesota, we have to continue working hard to help lawmakers understand the value of chiropractic care – particularly for low income public program patients – and the likely cost savings that can come when they see chiropractic doctors for conservative care of spine-related pain.

As noted in the Fredrikson & Byron MCA 2017 Legislative Session Summary, there were several other bills that the MCA was closely following that also failed to reach the finish line, including those related to no-fault auto insurance, naturopathic doctor licensing, and modifications to the Athletic Trainers Act. But there was other legislation of interest to us that did pass including modifications to the Medical Practices Act focused on title protection that we will provide additional information about in a future newsletter article.

One bright spot in 2017 was our return to the Capitol on March 9th, and it’s important that we continue to grow the MCA’s Key Doctor Program, staying engaged by contacting Minnesota Senate and House members where we live and work, and contributing to MCPAC so we can support our friends in the Legislature.

Please get in touch with me at for more information or if you want to become more involved in the advocacy efforts of the Minnesota Chiropractic Association.

Support MCA’s Legislative Advocacy — Donate to MCPAC

The Minnesota Chiropractic Political Action Committee (MCPAC) has been established to advance the advocacy and legislative agenda of the chiropractic profession. Donor participation encourages taking an active role in government policy as it relates to issues affecting the chiropractic profession and patients and provides and opportunity to educate elected officials and those seeking elected office about issues affecting the work we do and the patients we serve.

Learn more about MCPAC and make a donation at MCPAC_pledge

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