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MCA In Touch – April 2018
MCA In Touch

Award Winners Honored at 2018 Annual Convention

MCA’s 2018 Awards Banquet was held on March 16 during the Annual Convention. Twenty-five were honored as MCA recognized those who have made a significant impact on the profession. Whether at the beginning of their career or having been in practice for 50 years, we are grateful for the time and commitment of these hard-working, passionate doctors.

Chiropractor of the Year

Chiropractor of the Year

    Dr. Doug Broman

Lifetime Meritorious Achievement Award

    Dr. Joseph Sweere

John Allenburg Meritorious Service Award

    Dr. Wallace Cole

MCA Outstanding Educator Award

    Dr. Jodi Dorpinghaus

Claudius Galen Award

    Dr. Chris Cassirer

Sports Chiropractor of the Year

    Dr. Scott Mooring


Young Practitioner Meritorious Service Award

    Dr. Dustin Johnson
    Dr. Frank Koch
    Dr. Adam Millsop
    Dr. Michele Norton
    Dr. Jennifer Stuvek-Houselog

50-Year Meritorious Service Award

    Dr. Wallace Cole

25-Year Meritorious Service Award

    Dr. Roy Lewis
    Dr. Kathleen Casey
    Dr. Matthew Caron
    Dr. Kathryn Knafla
    Dr. Carla Breunig


Presidential Awards

    Dr. Sara Cuperus
    Dr. Scott Mooring
    Dr. Charles Sawyer
    Dr. Beth McVey
    Dr. Angie Graper
    Dr. Nick Mellum

25-Year Licensure Awards

    Dr. Carla Breunig
    Dr. Matthew Caron
    Dr. Kathleen Casey
    Dr. Michael D. Johnson
    Dr. Kathryn Knafla
    Dr. Roy Lewis
    Dr. William Mettler
    Dr. Anicia Peterson
    Dr. Michael Svensson

50-Year Licensure Awards

    Dr. Wallace Cole

Award Winners

It Was Important to Be at the Capitol!

Charles Sawyer, DC
MCA Professional Officer for Legislative Affairs

At this point in the short 2018 session of the Legislature, there is some good news to report — and other things to mention that should be of interest to MCA members.

As we expected at the start of the session, the rights of injured patients and their chiropractic doctors in the no-fault auto insurance system are likely to remain unchanged because no legislation has been introduced that is of concern to us. More importantly, based on a presentation during the MCA convention, Drs. Doug Broman and Scott Mooring are developing an information package which will be made available to insurers and others interested in knowing more about the current chiropractic community standards of care for the treatment of auto accident injuries.

When it comes to the no-fault system, we will continue to have opportunities to inform the insurance industry about the value of chiropractic care and our efforts to educate members of our own profession regarding best clinical practices.

While expanding reimbursement for therapeutic exercise and extremity manipulation in Minnesota’s Medical Assistance program remains a top MCA legislative priority, we do not anticipate further progress on HF1357/SF1425 in the remaining weeks of the 2018 legislative session. However, as a result of several productive meetings with the Department of Human Services, the department’s cost estimates for this expansion have been revised downward and that could become a critical factor in eventually getting the bill to move out of the House Health and Human Services Financing and Policy in 2019.

Another positive highlight was the good turnout for the MCA Day at the Capitol on March 15. After taking a break during the renovation of the state capitol, for the second year in a row we had over 75 doctors and students come to St. Paul to meet with their House and Senate members to discuss issues of importance to the profession and the patients we serve.

Thanks for the following doctors and students from Northwestern Health Sciences University who pre-registered and others who joined us on the morning of the event!

Vinton Albers, DC
Rebecca Amstutz, DC
Alyssa Bergstrom
Steven Biermaier, DC
Krista Blomdahl, DC
Kathleen Bloom, DC
Kendra Bohannon
Carla Breunig, DC
Doug Broman, DC
Robyn Brostrom Martin, DC
Matt Caron, DC
Marty Caron, DC
Susan Clarke, DC
Craig Couillard, DC
Sara Cuperus, DC
Jake Dalbec, DC
Mark Dehen, DC
Fiona Demel, DC
Cooper Dykstra
Dustin Emblom, DC
Timothy Fargo, DC
Tammy Fimrite, DC
Judy St. Clair, DC
Scott Stinson, DC
Jennifer Stuvek, DC
Joe Sweere, DC
Jenna Goldsmith, DC
Angela Graper, DC
Chris Hanson, DC
Doug Harden, DC
Anthony Hart, DC
Chad Henriksen, DC
Claire Jessen
Christopher Jo, DC
Dustin Johnson, DC
Keith Johnson, DC
Kristin Johnson, DC
Arron Kalis, DC
Kailey Kern
Madeline Klesk, DC
Timothy Klesk, DC
Jordan Knowlton-Key, DC
Frank Koch, DC
Karisa Kurszewski, DC
Brian Langerude, DC
Katherine Leither, DC
Rassacin Ly
Brian Malzer, DC
Jo Theisen, DC
Emily Thompson
Seth Tyberg, DC
Sripathy Umapathi, DC
Roger Marquardt, DC
Christopher Massoglia, DC
Beth McVey, DC
Nick Mellum, DC
Jason Menge, DC
Gary Miller, DC
Adam Millsop, DC
Mary Beth Minser, DC
Brian Morris
Jessica Morris
Jeffrey Novak, DC
Eric Oltmanns, DC
Paul Osterbauer, DC
Christopher Petrie, DC
Sharon Prahl, DC
Nicholas Rapp, DC
Charles Sawyer, DC
Jordan Schmidt, DC
Lydia Schmidt, DC
Samantha Shand, DC
Cailin Shurson, DC
Abby Splittstoesser, DC
Trevor Velin
Robert Waddell, DC
Kayla Zirpel-Proctor, DC

It’s always important for doctors from across the state to get and stay involved in grass roots advocacy. For many, rescheduling patient appointments and leaving your office to come to St. Paul for MCA Day at the Capitol is a big sacrifice. But there are other ways to raise awareness about the value of chiropractic care and potentially influence legislative policy. Email messages and phone calls to Minnesota House and Senate members — in other words, your legislators — can often be critical, as can getting your patients to tell their stories.

If you need help or advice, or just want to pass along information to the MCA’s Legislative Committee, my email address is or you can call me at (612) 719-1079.

Audit Insurance: Cost-Effective Protection or Expensive Luxury?

Dr. Ray Foxworth. Article submitted by ChiroHealthUSA

When I started out in practice, the biggest risk I faced was a potential malpractice suit. Now, 32 years later, the biggest threat to my practice is an audit. Often, audits are triggered by patients who are not unhappy with your clinical care, but your billing or collection practices. Recoupment is BIG business. Don’t believe me? Just look at the results.

  • In fiscal year 2016, the DOJ obtained $2.5 billion in settlements and judgments from civil cases involving fraud and false claims against the government in the healthcare industry.
  • Between 2009 and 2016, the DOJ obtained $19.3 billion in civil settlements and judgments for healthcare fraud.
  • In 2014 alone, the Medicare Fraud Strike Force (made up of the DOJ, the FBI, HHS’s Office of Inspector General and individual United States Attorneys’ Offices) brought criminal charges against 353 individuals.
  • Of the 248 individual defendants sentenced in 2014 for healthcare fraud, the average prison sentence was more than four years.

Thanks to modern technology, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) can use data analysis, predictive analytics, and modeling approaches to better analyze and target healthcare fraud and abuse. These algorithms search for known fraud patterns to calculate ratios of allowed services compared to national averages. Insurance companies use the same technology in their fraud protection systems. They continually mine data to identify emerging fraudulent patterns and create new “rules” for those as well. The “intelligence” in the system learns from these new rules and continually becomes more sophisticated in identifying even more fraud potential. The best models not only flag the potential, but provide the reasons for the flag. This makes investigations and assessments by management more efficient.

2012-2017 Recoupment Demands from Audits

It's no secret that audits are on the rise. In a recent conversation with a friend and consultant, Dr. Tom Necela, I wanted to know what this increase in audits was costing chiropractors across the country. Since 2012, he has worked on over 347 audit cases; 67% of those audits were from commercial insurance payers, 24% from Medicare, and 9% from state boards. Dr. Necela stated, “As far as fines or recoupment goes, we explain to our clients that a total victory is unlikely (<5%). It's very rare that an insurance payer lets the doc walk away unscathed.”

These numbers are higher than most doctors can fund out of their savings. So, much like any other risk we face, if there is a way to “insure” against this type of loss, it makes sense to do so. In a recent article I read, the average cost of an investigation, possible recoupment, and legal defense can easily exceed $200,000. That’s far greater than the average malpractice policy covers. Thanks to Medical Billing Errors and Omissions Liability Insurance (Audit Insurance), we now have a way to protect our practices.

These audit insurance policies can pay for the defense costs, civil fines, and penalties arising from allegations of improper billing, HIPAA, EMTALA, and STARK violations. It is important to check that any coverage you purchase includes both governmental and commercial payers, qui tam plaintiffs, and voluntary self-disclosure. It is not a bad idea to ask your carrier if additional coverage for legal expenses for disciplinary proceedings by a state licensing board can be added. If you’re not sure where to get this type of coverage, reaching out to your malpractice carrier is a great place to start.

With today’s unending flow of information, we can’t go a day without seeing headlines, posts, and tweets about providers across the healthcare profession being audited, fined, and some even convicted. We tell ourselves, “It won’t happen to me.” The reality is that it easily could. Your license is your livelihood. Your families, employees, and patients are depending on you. Call your malpractice carrier today — and practice with peace of mind, knowing that you have taken the steps to protect your practice in the event of an audit.

Dr. Ray Foxworth is a certified Medical Compliance Specialist and President of ChiroHealthUSA. A practicing Chiropractor, he remains “in the trenches” facing challenges with billing, coding, documentation and compliance. He has served as president of the Mississippi Chiropractic Association, former Staff Chiropractor at the G.V. Sonny Montgomery VA Medical Center and is a Fellow of the International College of Chiropractic. You can contact Dr. Foxworth at 1-888-719-9990, or visit the ChiroHealthUSA website at Join us for a free webinar that will give you all the details about how a DMPO can help you practice with more peace of mind. Go to to register today.

2018 MCA Concussion Summit

The MCA Is Excited to Host the Minnesota Integrative Concussion Summit!

Date: Saturday, April 28, 8:00am - 5:00pm
Where: MCA Offices, 1000 Westgate Drive, St. Paul, MN 55114
Price: $229

This summit will be presented as a large complicated case study. We will take an elite hockey player who was concussed in a game and walk through every step, from the on-ice evaluation all the way through to the return-to-play process.


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